Be the 1st to Register a Deal & Receive up to a 10% Discount!

At ATEN, partnership leads to reward. By working with ATEN to get our products into upcoming projects, we will help you secure the deal and reward you with the best pricing. Register your deal today and take advantage of the benefits that ATEN has to offer.

Requirements for Deal Registration Program:

  * Open to any ATEN Partner working directly with End Users to scope in the best ATEN solution
  * Minimum deal size of $15,000 MSRP of ATEN products
  * End User information must be provided for Deal Registration to be approved

*Deal must be approved for Deal Registration in order to receive discount.
*All information provided is confidential
*Discount based on distribution cost

*US & CAN ONLY; for other countries please select region from website

*Designates required fields

Reseller Info

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City State
Postal Code Country
Distributor of Choice to Receive Special Pricing*

End User Info

Primary Contact* Primary Contact Title*
Primary Contact Email*
City State
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Project Information


Best Estimated Close Date*
Estimated Delivery Date*
Are there any special resources needed to close the deal? Are there any special resources needed to close the deal?
Description of competitive environment in the account:
Description of solution being proposed:
Alternate solutions being considered by the customer:
Did you coordinate a meeting between your customer and your ATEN sales rep?
If no, please check here to set up a meeting with an ATEN sales rep

Project Registration Terms & Conditions

1. Discount will be awarded to the applicant under the following conditions:                        
A) Requesting reseller/VAR does not list any ATEN products on a 3P marketplace (Amazon, Newegg, etc.)                        
B) Noted "*" required fields are filled in complete                        
C) Non-public bids will only be awarded to the end user-verified  reseller/VAR

2. If an additional discount is required to secure a project win beyond standard discounts, please include detailed info under "Description of competitive environment in the account" section
Upon project discount approval, the applicant will be notified by email with an assigned Project Registration No. and Special Pricing discount will be delivered to the noted distributor of choice for formal quoting.                        

Need immediate assistance?  Please call the ATEN Sales Team: 949-269-4984 /