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For both on-site and collaborative remote troubleshooting.

CV211 Online Trial
An All-in-one Crash Cart Adapter
ATEN's CV211 is a laptop USB KVM console adapter designed specifically for frustrated mobile IT managers. It is the perfect crash cart replacement that turns your laptop into a KVM console combining the functionality of a wormhole switch, capture box, external DVD-ROM, keyboard, mouse and monitor all in one compact and convenient unit. You are free to quickly and professionally diagnose and troubleshoot servers, ATMs or PoS systems with ease.

Before & After
Easy to Carry
Pocket size and only 125g
BIOS Level Access
Troubleshoot problems on hardware or OS level
No software installation required
Video Recording & Image Capture
Save a record of remote operations for future tracking/training and troubleshooting.
File Transfer
Bi-directional file transfers between the laptop and target computer
How it works

  Local usage
Connect CV211 directly to the target server/system from your laptop and troubleshoot with ease.


  Remote usage
Connect CV211 to the target server from your laptop to collaborate with remote colleagues, or allow troubleshooting by remote engineers via remote access software.

Control Interface
What People are Saying

"Using the CV211, you can determine the status of the host within five minutes. This not only shortens working hours but also greatly increases our overall effectiveness."

– Mr. Lin, Server Maintenance IT Engineer

"Using the CV211, one of our branch assistants can connect to the server so we can troubleshoot remotely from the Taipei office, meaning no one has to take a special trip. This saves us time, manpower and costs."

– Mr. Wang, MIS, Large Corporation Engineer

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